Advanced Display Brightness Control Functionality

Reduce Display Power Consumption


Prevent Burnout And Improving Display Quality and Life Span


Sophisticated Control of LED Backlighting


Polaris PowerLED Technologies is an innovative technology company that owns patented technologies used throughout the consumer electronics and lighting industries. Polaris PowerLED’s technologies and solutions are widely used within the following areas: 



•Notebook computers 

•Portable computing devices 


•Automotive displays 

•LED and LCD lighting applications 

The platform technology that we own includes an expanding portfolio of display technologies and lighting applications as well as power management. Displays on notebook computers, cellular phones, and portable electronic devices consume significant power and drain battery life in these mobile devices. Display screens that are too bright or too dark for the ambient light conditions can cause significant eye strain for the user. Polaris PowerLED’s technologies address these significant disadvantages of modern mobile devices and enhance the experience of the display and mobile device user. Our technology can conserve battery power by managing screen brightness in different ambient lighting conditions to reduce power consumption and eye strain, resulting in longer battery life and greater user enjoyment of their mobile devices.   

Polaris PowerLED has also developed innovative technologies for increasing the life span and quality of LED displays. Polaris PowerLED developed technology for carefully managing the temperature of the LEDs of a display, which prevents burnout and improves the quality and life span of the LED display. Our technologies include brightness control circuitry, fault detection and management, sophisticated control of LED backlighting, and power management of LED and lighting displays.