Polaris PowerLED Technologies develops and markets a variety of advanced LED related technologies that both improve the efficiency of LED displays and reduce power consumption. One aspect of Polaris PowerLED’s technology relates to reducing power consumption by LED displays to increase battery life in mobile devices.   

In the past, users would set a brightness setting that would remain on their phones whether they were in bright sunlight or a dark room. This would result in the display of the mobile device being too bright in some situations and not bright enough in others. Through its innovation, Polaris PowerLED introduced the use of ambient light sensors to monitor the ambient light where the user is and adjust screen brightness in response to changes in ambient light. Further, because not all users want the same brightness under the same lighting condition, Polaris PowerLED’s allows the user to fine tune the brightness, and when the brightness is changed due to changes in ambient conditions, the brightness is set right where the user wants it for a high degree of personalization.

Personalizing the brightness of the screen to adapt to individual users reduces eye strain and makes the user experience significantly better. Further, by reducing the brightness when ambient light is lower, the power consumption of the display can be greatly reduced providing a significant increase in battery light. By improving the user experience while, at the same time, extending battery life, Polaris PowerLED’s innovative technology has revolutionized the mobile device industry providing significant advantage to device makers and users alike. 

Polaris PowerLED has developed technologies to increase the efficiency and life span of the LED screens by using optical and temperature control. Having optical sensors allows the screen to determine if it is outputting the correct brightness and color. If either the brightness or the color is different from that which desired, the LED screen can make adjustments to correct it based on the input from the optical sensors. Similarly, Polaris PowerLED’s technologies use temperature sensors to extend the life span of LED displays. LED displays run at high temperatures and may degrade over time reducing life span. However, by monitoring and controlling the temperature of the LED light source, Polaris PowerLED’s technology provides a mechanism for keeping the temperature within a reasonable limit so as to extend the life span of the LED display.   

Polaris PowerLED is dedicated to developing technologies and solutions for devices that have LED displays to improve efficiency, power consumption, and the user experience.